SQSC 後天截止報名 李方 盧業瑂 話你知為何要參加!

聲動溫哥華歌唱大賽 大會網頁 SQSC Official Website

「SQSC 聲動溫哥華歌唱大賽」星期五就截止報名喇!要成為樂壇明日之星,就要火速行動,因為 SQSC 的合辦機構華研國際音樂將會派出專人飛抵溫哥華去面試入圍參賽者!

有機會在華研國際音樂的高層面前一展歌喉,比起自薦 send demo tape 去唱片公司更直接更有效! DJ 捷穎阿愷請來本台兩位最有影響力的「話事人」- 加拿大中文電台總裁李方及高級副總裁盧業瑂為你透露更多 SQSC 報名及比賽的內幕貼士! 

"Getting a deal" has long been the goal of many would-be artists and bands. Many musicians send their demos to music labels, never knowing if their precious demo tapes have reached the right person. By entering  SQSC  (Canadian Chinese Song-Writers Quest Singing Contest) , you might get an audition opportunity with HIM International Music Incthe most influential power-house in Mando-Pop, and your chance is just a click away. 

Click the above link to enter the SQSC official website or click the icons below to apply directly online before this Friday (March 27) 11:59pm. Watch the videos and get more inside tips of SQSC